Class 7


The science which is an integral part of the mainstream of CBSE curriculum. Studying from the textbook can be cumbersome for many students. AspirantPoint comes for their aid with exclusive teachings and study material for class 7 science. We provide quality teaching and notes that class 7 students can easily understand.

Science is broadly classified into Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Further-more topics are divided into chapters and time required for understanding for easy referencing for students.


Chapter No -Chapter Name – No of Lectures 

1-Nutrition in Plants-5-6

2-Nutrition in Plants-6-7

3-Fibre to Fabric-4-5


5-Acids, Bases and Salts -6-7  

6-Physical and Chemical 6 Changes -5-6

7-Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to 7 Climate- 6-7 

8-Winds, Storms and Cyclones -6-7  

9-Soil 4-5

10-Respiration in Organisms -4-5

11-Transportation in Animals 11 and Plants -6-7

12-Reproduction in Plants- 6-7

13-Motion and Time -5-6

14-Electric Current and its 14 Effects 5-6


16-Water: A Precious Resource-4-5

17-Forests: Our Lifeline -4-5

18-Wastewater Story -3-4 

Class 7


AspirantPoint is currently providing coaching and notes for CBSE students. If you are looking for a good explanation for every chapter along with notes, AspirantPoint is the right place for you. All the chapters belonged to CBSE syllabus will be explained here with proper teaching method. The chapters are well framed for easy learning of students.


Coaching Class for class 7

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